Dua Lipa teases new album as “new era” begins
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It's nearly time

Dua Lipa has teased that news of her new album could be imminent as she sees in the start of a “new era”.

Fans have eagerly been waiting her second full length record since her acclaimed 2017 self-titled debut, and now it looks like it could be coming any day now.

Taking to social media, the singer shared a photo of her new blonde hair with the caption: “A new era! Thank you for your patience. See you soon. #DL2”

A new era! Thank you for your patience. See you soon #DL2 pic.twitter.com/iszxrl8Hzz

— DUA LIPA (@DUALIPA) October 1, 2019

She’s also been teasing a comeback on Instagram, posting a pair of black squares, one with emoji captions that read “back soon”.

Recent months have seen Lipa reveal that her next album is set to be “more mature” and also have a “disco influence“.

“What I love about that record is that it’s a pop record but it’s so eclectic,” she said. “I experimented with so many different sounds. My new record is still pop and it is really fun, but it is definitely more conceptual. I had the album title and went from that.”

“It would prob­a­bly be risky if I wasn’t risky with the next record,” she said. “​I don’t think it would be as fun if I tried to recre­ate the first record. As an artist, you con­stant­ly want to grow and change your per­spec­tive and try some­thing new.”

Musical influences on the new record include Prince, OutKast, “old Gwen Stefani” and No Doubt, Lipa revealed. “It sounds like such a crazy clash of styles, but that’s just how I like to do things. Juxtaposition has always been a common factor in everything I do. It’s very ‘me’.”

This update comes after Lipa revealed that she had spent time in the studio with disco icon Nile Rodgers. The singer at the time told fans that her new album would contain “a lot more live instrumentation” compared to her “predominately electronic” debut effort.

02/10/2019 14:37:07
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